About Us

National Research and Consultancy Institute (NRCI) is an incorporated company in Ethiopia and Sister Company to National Airways and National Aviation College, offers training, consultancy, and research service to help clients keep pace with ever-changing and challenging business environments.

NRCI is the firm under which numbers of dedicated leading experts and professionals throughout the world collaborate to provide training, research and consultancy services in business, investment, tourism, aviation, economics, development, environment and conservation and agribusiness. Moreover, NRCI is supported by a passionate, highly skilled and dedicated technical specialist and administrative team.


To be a premier and first choice in accomplishing research, training, and consulting services.


To develop socially responsible, innovative, productive, ethical and value adding leaders and organizations through research, training and consulting service.


  • Professional integrity – ensuring transparency & accountability
  • Teamwork– create team spirit among members of the institute
  • Strategic thinking- dedicated to a strategic thinking in all undertakings of the research, consultancy, and training service
  • Excellence-ensuring individual, team, and organizational professionalism, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Sustainability-we go beyond financial results, we are committed to the society and environment
  • Industriousness, innovation and problem-solving
  • Client-oriented service delivery
  • Professionalism, ethics, and discipline


We believe that to succeed we must contribute to the success of our clients. We aim at creating best-practice solutions to the advantage of our clients. It is our outlook that the growth of our business is based on full filling the client’s requirements and ultimately meeting the client’s expectations to the minimum.

Meet the Team

Captain Abera Lemi

Founder & CEO

Gezhagn Biru (MBA, MSc)

Founder & CEO

Prof. Fikre Tolossa

Founder & CEO

Prof. Pious Odunga

Founder & CEO

Prof. Humphery Komborah

Founder & CEO

Prof. Ray Mutinda

Founder & CEO

Our Partners

A range of experts engaged through our accredited qualifications with our local and international partners that will bring you a range of solutions to your needs in research, training and consultancy from organizational management to personal development pathways. NRCI is the hub for quality delivery of knowledge with the right capacity building resources to fill every gap.